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Concrete Service: Your Local Concrete Experts!

New Level Concrete Pros is a top-tier, industry-leading company specializing in concrete service in Lexington, KY. Established in 2000 by dedicated professionals boasting 40 years of industry-related experience, we confidently cater to your superior and cost-efficient concrete needs. Our impressive track record is rooted in our commitment to consistently delivering premium service and customer satisfaction.

Concrete Service

Concrete Service

Our goal is to efficiently master the art and science of concrete service, leaving our clients overwhelmingly satisfied with our work. We aim to be the most sought-after concrete service provider by continuously improving and innovatively updating our approach based on our client’s needs and dynamic industry trends.

Our Values

We deeply value integrity, transparency, and excellence. We relentlessly maintain our top-quality service commitment and reciprocate our clients’ trust by providing clear, prompt, and precisely completed projects. Our client’s satisfaction is our ultimate achievement, and we constantly strive to exceed their expectations.

New Level Concrete Pros Vision

We envisage establishing ourselves as an indomitable force in the driveway constructions industry. We aspire to be the go-to company, known universally for our superior standards, excellent customer service, and unrivaled expertise. Passionately embracing technological advancements and adopting friendly practices, we aim to contribute to the industry’s development and maintain a sustainable environment.

Our mission is to deliver excellence and value in all concrete and driveway constructions aspects. We are devoted to constantly evolving, adopting cutting-edge technologies, and implementing comprehensive training programs for our workforce. We pledge to continuously provide our clients with top-grade services, meeting strict deadlines while exceeding expectations in quality.

Ready to transform your property with our highest-quality concrete services? Contact us today at (859) 347-2328 in Lexington, KY or schedule an appointment. We eagerly look forward to partnering with you on your next project.


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